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Valar Consult exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients, both large and small. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help organizations facilitate change, achieve their vision and optimize performance and productivity.

Talking Business

Process Development & Improvement

Streamline Your Operation

Having a great service or product is only part of the equation. A process  that flows like a pristine engine is what creates the turning point for success. We have the ability to develop a process or system from the ground up. We are highly adept at conducting a needs analysis, finding the strengths and weaknesses of an operation and recommending solid solutions for improvement and development.

Making Notes

Cost Containment

Save Money to Invest in Other Areas

Costs are a necessary function of running an organization. However, too often, procurement of vendor  services results in unnecessary large bills that drive down the profit margins. Our expertise includes a thorough review of vendor contracts to find cost savings for clients through negotiations and by leveraging our strong relationships.


Revenue Increase Strategy

Improve Your Bottom Line

CEOs and Directors are always looking for ways to increase revenue.  Through our assessment of the existing company, we can find ways to add additional service lines or products that are beneficial to current customers and could act as supplemental goods or services. Other options include training employees on sales techniques, price strategy, marketing and digital campaigns.

Business Meeting

Strategic Planning

Achieve Your Goals

Having a roadmap to guide your business towards a specific direction is important for a successful future. We offer strategic planning sessions using S.W.O.T. analysis techniques as well as brainstorming to help you plan the short and long term goals of your company vision.

Audiovisual Conference

Change Management

Easy Transitional Periods

 People are creatures of habit and most people don’t like change. However, change is often times necessary for growth. We can create and implement a change management strategy for employees so transitional periods can seamlessly take effect.

Business Meeting

Subject Matter Experts

Expert Guidance & Knowledge

 We have access to trusted experts for specific matters which can provide the information needed that can set an organization apart from its competition. Our relationships with experts in various fields include: medical, legal, technology, construction, finance and others.

Video Camera

Commercials & Media

Visual Storytelling

 Our team of talented producers, directors and cinematographers can create industry specific commercials to target your audience with a visually appealing story to capture the the proper message. We can also produce employee bio videos and webinar trainings. Our pricing is very reasonable and we can find ways to work within your budget.

Social network concept

Digital Marketing

Optimize Online Presence

 We are aligned with specialists that can create a plan to allow your business to be competitive in the current digital landscape. The strategy may include a combination of search engine optimization (SEO,) search engine marketing (SEM,) social media optimization (SMO)  and search engine advertising (SEA,) each having specific strengths and purposes. Our team can utilize techniques to drive business and leads to your website. Other strategies can include social media campaigns utilizing Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. as necessary. 



Knowledge Transfer

Investing in employee training offers a lot of ROI for businesses that understand the importance of human capital. We can create custom tailored training programs for your organization and train the internal trainer. We can also provide live in person employee trainings and workshops that include some of these topics:

Leadership  *  Product Knowledge  *   Sales Cycle  *  The Art of Selling   *  Prospecting  *  Loyalty  *  Motivation  


Contact us and find how our services can benefit your company.

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315 N Crescent Dr., Ste. 1030
Beverly Hills, Los Angeles County 90210

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