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How to stay organized at work

Staying organized is something everyone is tasked with and can find challenging. In an era of constantly being inundated with information through newsfeed, emails, calls, texts, social media, it can be very difficult to stay on task.

One of my favorite things is list making. I create daily to do lists that organize all the things I need to accomplish that day and I cross them off as I complete them.

Taking that and extrapolating it, I also use large aisle size pads that you can purchase from Staples or Office Depot. With these large pads, I use them to make my long term "to do list." It I will make one that covers my "to do's" for the next 6 months. From there, I will prioritize those 6 month goals into monthly goals and further break it down by week. From that I'm able to create my daily to do task list.

Whether you use a notepad, an aisle, your iPhone or MacBook Pro, make sure you know what your 6 month to do's are and from there break it down to more manageable bite size tasks. This way, nothing is too daunting and everything gets accomplished.

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